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As an internationally networked umbrella organisation of non-governmental development organisations, Global Responsibility also publishes articles in English.

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Kommentar der Anderen (EN)

How INGOs and Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate to Transform Global Development

Georg Schön © Ashoka

There is a largely untapped potential of collaborations between social entrepreneurs and big International non-governmental organizations (INGOs) to scale impact and drive systemic change. In Ashoka’s latest report, we argue that social entrepreneurship makes INGOs advance localization and decolonization. And that INGOs will only unleash its promise if they prioritize social innovation and build an organizational culture of innovation.

A comment by Georg Schön


Kommentar der Anderen (EN)

EIB Global: Development for profit or people?

Frank Vanaerschot © private

The European Investment Bank has launched EIB Global, a new branch to spearhead development investments in the Global South. Yet the bank has a terrible track record of supporting projects which spark human rights violations while providing only negligible benefits to local communities. EIB Global must eradicate these abuses and put people above investor profits.

A comment by Frank Vanaerschot


Kommentar der Anderen (EN)

The Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations: NGOs on the frontlines of collective action

Nishanie Jayamaha, Amir Khouzam © private

Severe drought in the Horn of Africa; heat waves and drought in Europe; floods in South Korea, India and Australia, flash floods in Colombia and Senegal; record tornadoes/cyclones in the US and Mozambique … and the list goes on. As humanitarians, we see the consequences of the climate crisis in our daily work. The Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations aims to guide and galvanize our collective efforts to address this crisis

A comment by Amir Khouzam & Nishanie Jayamaha


Event Report (EN)

Women speak up – The impact of COVID-19 on women and girls in the Global South and its policy implications

Globale Verantwortung

On 23 March 2022, Global Responsibility hosted an online event on the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and girls and possible policy implications for Austrian development cooperation, with cooperation from the Austrian Red Cross, CARE, Light for the World, and WIDE. The Austrian Development Agency co-funded the event


Kommentar der Anderen (EN)

The global corporate tax deal – an African perspective

Luckystar Miyandazi, Orria Goni © private

Changing attitudes towards taxation can only happen if citizens are engaged in shaping tax policy making and if tax systems are seen to be equitable, including appropriate taxation of large corporations as well as linking tax revenues to development outcomes like improved infrastructure, healthcare and education A comment by Luckystar Miyandazi & Orria Goni1