Die Stellungnahme macht konkrete Vorschläge zu folgenden Forderungen:

  • Rethinking development finance and responding to COVID-19 to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
    • Increase and restructure financing for development
    • Increase financing and strongly support a post-COVID-19 debt relief and financial sustainability initiative
  • Adopting rights-based approaches
    • Center communities and human rights in all future development models
    • Respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples and include them in decisions
    • Commit to policies that are gender-responsive and rule out discrimination of sexual and gender minorities
  • Addressing the climate and biodiversity crises
    • Ensure that all finance is climate-proof
    • Catalyze climate resilient societies
    • Adopt stronger and more consistent policies to slow biodiversity loss and protect sensitive, critical ecosystems

Zivilgesellschaftliche Stellungnahme: Public Development Banks must deliver on the world we want, 9.11.2020

Antwortschreiben der Agence Française de Développement (AFD), 8.12.2020