How effectice can/should NGO work be? How do we know that our work is effective in the end? Which resultats, outcomes and impact do we want to achieve and how do we measure it? Is sustainable change in the life of the beneficiaries measureable at all? Etc.
The “workshop on impact and results of effective development cooperation” focuses on the examination of the above questions and the different approaches NGO implement in their work.

Start: 9.30 a.m.

Morning session:
• Key note by Nigel Simister, british expert on M & E, Impact, tools for measurement and more: Exploring the concept of impact
Input and discussion
• Input by a representative of ADA/Austrian Development Agency: Result orientation

Afternoon session (CSO-only)
• Exchanging Experiences: NGO report on their way of dealing with the above mentioned questions, challenges, success and perspectives – 5 to 8 presentations
Input, discussion and feedback
• Key note II by Nigel Simister: Analysis of the reports given by NGO and examples on how to deal with the concept of Impact drawn from international Organisations

Estimated end of Workshop: 4 p.m.

Workshop language is English (though individual parts can be raised in german if necessary!)

Workshop is free of charge and part of the project „CSO Development Effectiveness in Österreich 2009/10“ sponsored by the ADC/Austrian Development Cooperation.

Please register until Tuesday, 21st, 2010, Melanie Oßberger, project coordinator,