Indigenous communities are disproportionately affected by climate change and biodiversity loss due to their strong dependence on natural resources and limited access to resources for adaptation. They face systemic injustices, including land dispossession and environmental racism, which exacerbate their vulnerability to climate-related disasters. Recognizing indigenous sovereignty and integrating their perspectives into territorial management is essential for achieving equitable climate action and preserving cultures and livelihoods.

Kerstin Plaß, coordinator of the Klimabündnis-Partnership at Rio Negro, will introduce us to the climate-related challenges indigenous communities in the Amazonas region face and the role of territorial management in this context. She will give an overview about how CSOs can support indigenous communities to protect their local land rights, develop environmental and territorial management plans as well as ILO 169 consultation protocols. 


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A Climate Quickie is a basic 60 minutes online session comprising an expert input, Questions & Answers, peer-exchange and debate. The individual sessions are intended to give interested staff in the member organisations of GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY – Austrian Platform for development and humanitarian aid a rough overview of the respective topic. The sessions can be attended independently of each other.