Business-as-usual approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation projects tend to treat men’s needs and concerns as the ’norm‘. Such gender-blind approaches fail to recognise the differences in how women and men are affected by climate hazards, and the difference in opportunities that women and men have to participate in climate solutions. While development NGOs aim to design and implement climate projects in ways that empower women and advance gender equality, they often lack clear direction how to set up appropriate targets and indicators for specific projects.

Mairi Dupar will introduce us to how to develop gender-responsive objectives and targets in climate projects and create relevant indicators to track progress. Mairi is Senior Technical Advisor in the Global Risks and Resilience Programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and author of the report Advancing gender equality and climate action: A practical guide to setting targets and monitoring progress.


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A Climate Quickie is a basic 60 minutes online session comprising an expert input, Questions & Answers, peer-exchange and debate. The individual sessions are intended to give interested staff in the member organisations of GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY – Austrian Platform for development and humanitarian aid a rough overview of the respective topic. The sessions can be attended independently of each other.