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Reinforcement of the FAI health post of Medina Chérif

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The health post was built in a context where access to primary health care was difficult for the populations of the commune of Médina Chérif, with the objective of contributing to an improvement in maternal as well as child health within the municipality of Médina Chérif, Department of Kolda Senegal. Since 2014, a head nurse and a midwife have been assigned to the FAI Health Center by the Government. The project addresses 6,800 direct beneficiaries and has indeed become a heritage of the State of Senegal.

With a natural increase in the population of Senegal of 2.8% per year, the reception capacity of FAI health post in Medina Chérif has become very narrow for the population. To counteract this development, UNITED TEAMS - the strategic alliance of the YOU Foundation and HOPE’87 - and its partner Dr. Siegfried Axtmann of Fly Ambulance International (FAI) have now strengthened the reception capacity of the FAI Health Post, especially with the construction of an accommodation for midwifes, a new security wall and further medical equipment of the health center.

In supporting the activities of the health post, UNITED TEAMS together with its partners have developed awareness-raising activities that cover the importance of prenatal consultations in order to prevent complicated pregnancies, diseases such as malaria affecting children and pregnant women as well as sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS.

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