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Mobile Quality School (MQS)

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The main purpose of the Mobile Quality School project is to convey quality formal education at primary school level to most vulnerable and disadvantaged working children and children who dropped out of school in the areas of Dhaka and Chittagong – on the basis of equity, quality, inclusivity, affordability, cost effectiveness and financial sustainability. The project aims at contributing to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children through quality education. The specialised Mobile Schools provide smaller classes and more individualised attention than public schools, especially to students who are left behind in the public system, and strive for a holistic well-being of the students.

Therefore, the project provides two mobile schools for the poor in Bangladesh, which are set up in converted buses, on the inside decorated as class rooms in a child-friendly way. They are equipped with educational materials, a first aid box, a television, a laptop and leisure time sports equipment. The bus drives daily to four or five different mobile school stations in or next to slum areas and stays there for three hours. Through this mobile school, a flexible and dynamic learning system in the streets is provided by offering even the poorest children a chance to study. Thus, this project gives children, who are unable to attend a regular school, the opportunity to pursue their school education from grade one to five.

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