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Health Care for Children and Women

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Slum dwellers and other underprivileged people in Bangladesh are not able to pay for private healthcare, while public health care facilities are inadequate. A new report by UNICEF (2013) reveals a high prevalence (41%) of stunting (low height for age) in children under 5 in Bangladesh – a phenomenon that is directly linked to malnutrition during infancy and childhood, as well as to deficiencies in maternal nutrition. 50% of pregnant women and 51% of preschool-aged children suffer from anaemia as a result of micronutrient deficiency. 36% of the stunted children live in urban areas and malnutrition is generally affecting the poorest groups of society. To address this and other health issues, HOPE’87 has been providing free health care services in Bangladesh since 1998.

The main component is a weekly health camp in Dhaka, which provides regular primary health treatments, medical check-ups, prescriptions and medication. Patients (mostly women, children, physically challenged and old persons) come to the health care centre where they get a general check-up and a doctor´s prescription and necessary medicine free of cost. Those patients in need of further treatment get the necessary assistance at the health camp to be admitted to the nearest government hospital. Within the project 819 weeks of service have been completed and 38,567 patients reached so far. Furthermore health care and hygiene sessions were organized for schoolchildren enrolled in HOPE‘87’s night schools.

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