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Reduction of chronic child malnutrition and capacity building of state and civil society actors for better resilience to food insecurity

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This project contributes to reducing chronic malnutrition and to making state actors and civil society more resilient in the fight against food and nutritional insecurity in the Hauts-Bassins region of Burkina Faso, the province of Kénédougou and in the municipalities of Koloko and Kangala.

So far, all project start-up activities were implemented. These include i) raising awareness and informing all project stakeholders, ii) targeting beneficiary households, iii) setting up women in nutrition education groups, iv) setting up implementation of training for key actors in civil society and state actors, particularly those in the health sector and v) the start of the main activities for the construction of the market gardening perimeter of Kangala for the benefit of 100 women and the updating of the market gardening perimeter of Koloko for the benefit of 100 women.

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