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EDUCATION+ Vocational Education in Brazil – educational opportunities based on online-platforms for socially challenged youth

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Through this project, online courses are offered to young people (16-25 years of age) who are searching a job as well as to small entrepreneurs who live in poor regions, with the aim of providing understanding and knowledge of basic work and business models as well as technical and linguistic terms, as basic knowledge of English is still not very common in the favelas.

The project is carried out with the project partner ed+, an online platform for training operational workers, informal workers and small entrepreneurs in Brazil mainly located in poor regions and slums (favelas) with the vision to realise the dream of a better life for people without access to professional training and entrepreneurship. Together with ed+, HOPE’87 develops vocational education programmes and offers them on an online platform with free training courses in the favelas of Brazil. The programmes are prepared and presented by trainers who live and work in these regions themselves.

The platform is quick and easy to use and accessible from any smartphone. The courses can all be accessed online and are organised in short, topic-oriented segments. At the end of each video class, a test must be completed to receive the certificate, for which at least 70% of the total number of points are required. After completing the course and receiving the certificate, the course participants have the opportunity to present themselves directly on the job market through the online job portal of ed+ media partner “Amarelinho”, one of Brazil’s most important platforms for offering jobs and employment for operative and small businesses.

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