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Milon Night School for Street Children

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Although schools are free of charge in Bangladesh, many children are forced to drop out of the education cycle due to poverty. Of those that do attend school, academic performance suffers when children are in the workforce.

This project addresses the strong negative correlation between child labour and school attendance. Since most working children are employed in small factories or shops during the day, they are unable to attend a regular school. HOPE’87 initiated a Night School project in 2012 to reintegrate street children into the formal education system to integrate the need of a sound educational basis with the common reality of child labour in Bangladesh. So far, 427 working children have been attending evening classes from 6pm to 8.30pm in this Night School.

Apart from providing basic primary education, the Night School also prepares students to take the examinations required of students to continue their education. Seven students of class V attended this year’s Primary School Certificate (PSC) exam and were admitted to secondary school. The Night School program provides fully equipped classrooms with the necessary school materials. Children receive textbooks as well as light refreshment. They also receive skill training courses offered for creating employment opportunity, which will allow them to be self-sufficient. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to participate in educational tours, annual sports competitions and art classes every year.

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