DasTraining wird von inProgress geleitet und findet auf Englisch statt.
Der Selbstbehalt beträgt €30.
Anmeldung unter jakob.mussil@globaleverantwortung.at

„Your organisation receives funding from the European Commission for development cooperation projects. The different rules and procedures appear complex, and you want to anticipate and minimise the contractual and financial management risks. The ever-changing rules of EC grant management are difficult to get a grasp on, and EC project management is highly demanding. The success of your EC project depends entirely on the quality of your staff and their ability to understand the rules and manage the project. This two-day intensive management training aims to give you the knowledge, tools, and experience to effectively manage your EC-funded project.“

After the course, you will:

  • Gain a general overview of the management of a grant
  • Know the rules and steps of the implementation of an EC grant agreement from the award to the closure
  • Be able to apply the EC financial rules in order to avoid any financial risks
  • Be able to find relevant information in the legal documents

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