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Discovering the Senufo culinary art in relation to nutrition, health and local economy

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The implementation of this cultural project of safeguarding, protecting and transmitting local know-how to the younger generations of the Senufo cultural heritage in Burkina Faso and Mali has led to an enhancement of the Senufo cultural heritage, with a special focus on the preservation of their culinary art.

In order to achieve its objectives, the project carried out several activities, the most important of which were the inaugural Koloko conference, a village training and research workshops on Senufo culinary art in Mali and Burkina Faso with more than 100 participants as well as exhibitions of kitchen utensils during a day dedicated to the Senufo culinary art in Koloko and for a duration of six months at the Senufo museum in Bobo-Dioulasso in order to provide visitors with an overview of the whole process of preparing meals for the Senufo.

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