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A well for Kouloukan

Afrika, Mali, HOPE’87

Infrastruktur & Wohnraum, Organisationsentwicklung & Beratung, Wasser-, Hygiene- & Sanitärversorgung

A well for Kouloukan

HOPE'87 logo_2008

The project helped set up an endogenous local organization capable of sustainably managing this new infrastructure in order to provide drinking water to the population of Kouloukan, Mali. Therefore, a new borehole was drilled and a 10,000-litre water tower was installed, which enables the supply of quality potable water to the entire Kouloukan village. Thus, the water tower not only supplies water to the health centre, the market and the school, but to the entire Kouloukan village and its inhabitants, which altogether are about 950 beneficiaries.

To enable a sustainable management of these infrastructures, an association of Kouloukan water users has been set up. The members of this committee were trained in organizational and administrative processes as well as basic technical knowledge to better ensure the operation and maintenance of the newly installed drinking water supply network. For the equipment maintenance and repair, two technicians who are residents of Kouloukan were trained and equipped in order to provide professional preventive maintenance and reparations if necessary.

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