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Auswirkungen der Klimakrise reduzieren

Verbesserung der Widerstandsfähigkeit armer und schutzbedürftiger Gemeinschaften gegenüber den Auswirkungen der Klimakrise

The action takes multifaceted strategies of facilitating a functional CSO network as an advocate of climate issues to build community awareness and capacity to claim their rights as well as holding LGs accountable for climate actions, enhancing capacity to implement climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, which also generate income and green employment, and collaborating with LGs to create a favourable enabling environment towards climate resilience and inclusion in the local development plan. Functional CSOs network and enabling environment at LGs are inter-related and both aspects will be crucial to enhance CSOs own and communities' capacity to implement climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. The improvement in these three areas, both individually and synergistically, will enhance resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to climate shocks and stresses, which further leads to reduced poverty and secured livelihoods.

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Marcel Wagner
Tel.: +43 1 319 60 43

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